Let’s Go Outside Box founders, Betsey and Margaret, combined their experience of nursery school learning with entrepreneurial and business skills to create child-friendly, hands-on, educational materials designed for learning during play. Activity boxes arrive at your door, containing age-appropriate mental and physical challenges that are perfect for inspiring ideas and encouraging exploration in any environment, especially outdoors.

New Opportunities to Learn and Play

During the pandemic year 2020, adults and children felt isolated and missed educational opportunities, spending time with their friends, and being outside. Virtual learning replaced classroom activity, limiting physical connections to communication by a tablet or phone. After months of uncomfortable changes and permanent adjustments to daily life, adults and children still struggle to recover a sense of adventure again. At Let’s Go Outside Box, we reintroduce playful learning in a new way. Offering monthly subscription boxes for any child age three and up, we include fun, year-round activities to get them outside to play and discover together. Why? Because when kids are thriving, parents are relaxed and happy.

Interactive Experiences Delivered to Your Door

Each “box” is stocked full of unique, educational items and seasonally-themed creative activities designed by moms to encourage learning through play and nature play. Children are excited to receive a delivery each month with a surprise inside. They can’t wait to unpack hours of fun as they complete a craft with new tools and learn problem-solving skills, individually and with friends, indoors or out.  They tackle projects that stimulate their minds and keep them busy. Games and activities providing new learning experiences and nature exploration can be enjoyed anywhere, in cities or rural communities. Share the fun with your kids or gift monthly activity boxes to friends, extended family, and grandchildren.

Entertaining Themes for Continuous Fun

Themed activities give children a fully-engaged sensory experience to develop strong bodies and minds year-round. Educational resources integrate toys, arts, crafts, games, and outdoor activities to pull the logical and creative parts of the brain together. Kids are free to experiment with new ideas in any environment, always encouraged to think “outside of the box.”

Convenient Holiday Gift Subscriptions

Have you been trying to come up with a truly unique gift that will excite and entertain kids? Monthly boxes come in handy during family gatherings and events with friends. Children will love it, and adults will appreciate watching or joining in on the fun. Be sure to have a camera ready for pictures and videos of the activity and the treasures your children create.

Start your adventure by setting up an online account and ordering a monthly box! Parents and grandparents give our activity boxes five-star reviews for offering a fantastic value that lasts for hours in a convenient subscription.

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