Ho Ho Kus, NJ: November 2021 – Let’s Go Outside, LLC, (“Let’s Go Outside Box”) is a US-based company co-founded by Betsey DeLuca and Margaret Kimmerle, who have combined their experience of nursery school learning with entrepreneurial and business skills to create child-friendly, hands-on, educational materials designed for learning during play.

During 2020, students missed educational opportunities due to virtual learning environments, and a lack of physical connections with friends kept children isolated indoors. Monthly subscription activity boxes make it easy for parents to provide children with age-appropriate mental and physical challenges that inspire ideas and encourage exploration in any environment, especially in nature.

Customized solutions delivered to your door reflect reasonable pricing in a world where flexible costs and convenience are paramount. Betsey and Margaret want to help adults and children discover a sense of adventure again,

“We hope that Let’s Go Outside Box subscriptions will impact families in three ways. First, children get inspired to explore outside with fun, creative activities. Second, parents feel a sense of relief from not having to create these activities themselves. And third, grandparents will have new conversations and interactions with their grandkids with every new box!”

Instructional items and seasonally-themed creative activities are designed by moms and allow kids to benefit mentally and physically from playful learning and nature play techniques. Children complete crafts with new tools and learn problem-solving skills, individually and with friends, indoors or out. Games and activities stimulate young minds, teach valuable lessons, and include outdoor exploration that can be enjoyed in cities or rural communities across the US.

Let’s Go Outside Box understands that more people prefer trying new products through monthly subscription boxes increasing industry demand by 890% in just four years. The pandemic recently forced many families to make significant lifestyle changes, contributing to a 70% increase in those using subscriptions. Now 20% (15 billion dollars) of the market is dominated by these niche products.


Let’s Go Outside, LLC is located in Ho Ho Kus, NJ. It was co-founded by Betsey DeLuca, a veteran in early childhood education with 19 years of experience, and Margaret Kimmerle, a Sr. Executive Assistant with over 35 years providing organizational and technical skills at two different corporations.


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