Our Story

Our Story

My name is Betsey and I have worked at a nursery school for 19 years and last spring during the pandemic when my school closed, I felt isolated and started to think about how much I missed doing projects with the kids at school.  One day I came up with the idea of creating a monthly box filled with activities that would inspire kids to go outside to explore and learn.  I told my friend Margaret about the concept and she thought it was a great idea, so the two of us formed Let’s Go Outside Box.  In May of 2020, we sat on my back deck and created a trial box.  We received overwhelming positive feedback not only from the kids but from the parents.  Parents were so delighted to have their kids go outside and give screen time a break.

Hi, my name is Margaret, Betsey and I have been friends for many years and boy do we love an adventure!  I have been a Sr Executive Assistant for over 35 years for 2 different major companies.  I was thrilled that she approached me to partner with her to form Let’s Go Outside Box where I could use my background in organization and technical skills for the business.  Having children, myself, although older, I would have loved to have ordered these monthly boxes for my kids to encourage them to explore the outdoors.

So, here we are, your Head Adventurers at Let’s Go Outside Box,

Betsey, and Margaret.

Meet the Let’s Go Outside Box Adventurers…

Elizabeth enjoys sunny days and taking long walks outside.

Colin is a real adventurer and has a passion for discovering new things.

Tina fancies all living creatures, especially birds.

Charlie gets excited on rainy days. He looks forward to jumping in puddles!

Ava appreciates nature and all the colors of the changing seasons.

Michael really “digs” rocks. He takes pleasure in searching for gems and fossils.

Fiza admires all mountains and peaks. She loves to take hikes.